Traditional Necklace With Hand carved Tagua Nut Lotus Flower

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The indigenous people of South Africa used Tagua to represent the feminine because of its magnet-like romantic energy. The natives believed that persons wearing Tagua would live in harmony and always be loved by family and friends. In one year a tagua palm produces the same amount of "ivory" as one female elephant. The tagua nuts, however, are harvested by hand without harming the tree. In addition to protecting animal ivory, tagua products help preserve tropical rain forests by providing a sustainable income for forest people. 

Tagua nut has many meanings: Harmony, love of family and friends, preservation, tranquillity, fertility, protection against negativity, attracting abundance and increasing inner strength.


Pendant Size: 45x32x7mm
Chain Type: Rope Chain
Length: Adjustable
Metals Type: None
Material: Tagua nut
Pendant: Artisan carved tagua nut